Capital Income Management

About Us


Capital Income Management, LLC (CIM) is an investment advisory service established in 2009 and based in Portland, Oregon. Prior to conducting business in any other state, the firm will ensure that all licensing requirements or exemptions from licensing are met.CIM was founded after the financial crisis of 2008 with the philosophy that capital preservation is paramount to the client’s interest as is high income from investments. Through a rigorous evaluation of diversified securities, we have found that high income and growth can be achieved with manageable risk. Our goal for clients is to realize steady outperformance of the market indices year in and year out. To learn more about CIM including fees, services and other disclosures, please review our ADV brochure here.

Douglas J Albo is CIM’s Principal and Portfolio Manager. Mr. Albo has been a financial advisor for over 16 years, first with Smith Barney in San Francisco and then with Morgan Stanley also in San Francisco. Through his years of experience, Mr. Albo has learned what securities and strategies work best in the client’s interest and offer the best potential for income and long term capital appreciation. Mr. Albo is also an author and contributor on the Seeking Alpha financial website where he is regarded as one of the top Closed-End fund contributors.